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My Favorite Fall Foliage Tours Near Us
10/18/2016,  9:55:36 PM


Long ago, my parents packed all of us kids in the car and took us on a fall day trip to Pennsylvania.  We meandered up and over the mountains, past the Yuengling Brewery, and onwards to the coal mining town of Mt. Carmel — a landscape that had always been described to us as deprived and grey.  Yet, once we got there, the land revealed itself arrayed in a leafy plethora of cherry, chocolate, and gold. The morning fog would lift and as we drove along, we discovered several picturesque traveler spots and the afternoon turned into something memorable for us foursome of “tweens”. Finally, at the end of the day, we turned north for Queen City and Rupert and then eastward to home.

Fall foliage in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and surrounding areas is hitting its sweet spot soon.  So, if you’d like to take your family on an eye-opening nature jaunt into the wonderlands, now’s the time to do it.

Not sure what backcountry to hit?  Well, lucky enough, I’ve come up with a few resources you can look at, that hopefully offer not only nice autumn scenery, but also some other things to do and see along the way.

1.    New Jersey
The annual fall foliage bloom is dependent primarily on moisture and the first frost, but peak leaf viewing in New Jersey normally occurs somewhere around mid-October. The quality of a year's peak varies for several reasons. We can get early colors with an early frost or a late show of colors with unusually warm temperatures and even dry weather can throw the timing off.  Here is a good resource for you to help plan your drive.
2.    Pennsylvania
The state is almost perfectly situated to catch the best that autumn has to offer. Tree, shrub and vine species common to our north mingle in Pennsylvania with species common to our south.  More than 130 tree species are found in this state. In addition, the topography of Pennsylvania varies from sea level in the southeastern corner of the state to more than 3,000 feet elevation in the Laurel highlands, this means a large window of time and a variety of color is available.  Visit here for more information
3.    New York
Fall ranks as one of the favorite times of year for many in Upstate New York, particularly because of the beautiful scenery that comes with it. Fall foliage paints the landscape with vibrant yellows, oranges and reds, creating delightful settings throughout the region. With colorful hillsides and mountains stretching for miles, there are plenty of places to experience the best of the fall foliage in Upstate.  See the best places to visit here
4.    Delaware
There's nothing better about fall than blends of rich reds, burnt orange and luscious golds painted by Mother Nature on vast landscapes of trees. For those who love the leaves but find themselves totally jammed for time when they start to change, I recommend just adjusting your schedule.  And let me tell you, timed right, it's an über-eyeful – and the drive makes it easy enough to subdue that crushing feeling of having missed the leaves' splendor altogether.  Remember, the arrival of those fall colors will speed up as nights continue to cool off, triggering the trees' annual changes.  See this resource for more information

5.    Want the Best?
If you’ve got the time and you want the best; here is a list of 6 places you don’t want to miss
Well folks, that wraps it up… So head outside and enjoy some of that fresh autumn air!  Always remember to be safe and have fun!  If you have any questions, feel free to call me.  Matt @ (973) 524-3095.

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