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​The Benefits of a Fall Cleanup
9/30/2016,  1:30:24 PM​​​

​Fall is a beautiful time here in New Jersey.  Leaves are turning and your trees will soon be overflowing in vibrant colors that can take your breath away. I thoroughly enjoy Fall and all its precious gifts.  Every day, a new color reveals itself, and with each blustery gust, our lawns are speckled and decorated.  The sun too has mellowed, lending a golden and shimmering aura.  It is truly a captivating time to be overcome by beauty and filled with joy.

Soon those leaves will make their way to the ground, and then it’s time to start thinking about cleaning up your yard.  Some of you share my enjoyment, but many can’t get past the fact that falling leaves mean work.  Leaves should be removed from lawns and beds and you may be wondering whether or not to skip the cleanup because of the effort or cost.  Well, if you let it go this Fall, and snow covers up all the dead leaves and branches that have fallen, you may experience issues in the Spring.  There are a good number of reasons why you should never skip the fall cleaning.​

1.  A clean yard can mean a healthier you
When fallen leaves and other yard debris remain on your lawn and you neglect your fall clean up, you're not only leaving an unsightly mess behind.  Mold, bacteria, and other allergens fester in yard debris that is left lying around, and that could lead to other issues for you and your family. 
2.  Bugs
Really?  Yes!  Bugs. Many invasive bugs go underground and look for a nice, warm winter "blanket" to sleep under. By removing fallen leaves and other debris from your lawn, you'll help displace them as well.

3.  Your lawn needs to breathe
Air please!  Leaves, although organic, can smother a lawn; thereby killing it.  Your fall cleanup should involve more than raking leaves and disposing of downed branches and twigs. The roots of your grass need oxygen to be healthy, so don't neglect to aerate your lawn so your grass can have a nice winter's nap and awaken healthy in the spring. 
4.  Protect your trees, shrubs and plants
Young trees are prone to wind damage, especially during the heavy snows and blizzards that strike in the winter. While you're doing your fall cleanup, be sure to place stakes around them to provide them with the additional protection they'll need to face old man winter.  Further, covering shrubs and plants with burlap can help protect them from winter burn. Burlap is more effective than plastic because it allows the plant to breathe so air circulates and heat isn’t trapped.
Learn more at This Old House: How to Winterize Shrubs​

5.  Alleviate frost heaves
Mulching your trees and plants during your fall clean up can also alleviate frost heaves that occur, protecting their roots so they'll be ready to thrive in the spring.
Learn more at Gardening Know How: Preventing Frost Heave  
6.  Saves you time later
By tackling your fall lawn clean up tasks now, you'll have less debris removal to do in the spring -- leaving you with plenty of time to plant colorful flowers and healthy vegetables when the days grow longer and warmer once again.

 7.  You’ll be happy you did it
You spend a lot of time, attention, and money on the upkeep of your home and lawn.  As the saying goes, you can't change a first impression.  Keeping your lawn free from dead leaves and branches means you'll have a neat, eye-pleasing landscape, even as fall's brilliant colors fade.  We know it may be easy to rationalize and not do your fall cleanup, but there are just too many benefits that you would be losing out on.

Please take these points into consideration and then head outside to enjoy some of that brisk New Jersey autumn air!  Hope that helps!  If you have any questions, feel free to call me.  Matt @ (973) 524-3095.  


The Green Team’s Fall Maintenance Tips
9/22/2016,  6:06:36 PM


The fall season brings not only Halloween but many brilliant outdoor colors that show deep reds, oranges & yellows.  It also offers beautiful, crisp sunny days to enjoy your sweaters, boots, and pumpkin spice lattes.  While we can get distracted by the many guilty pleasures like a nice glass of red wine or overindulging on Football Sundays, we may forget to take care of a few household maintenance items, especially those outside.  Here are a few maintenance tips to jump on now, so when spring rolls around, your yard is ready to bloom!

1.  Regularly mow and water your lawn - For established lawns, apply a Fall Fertilizer, with moss control if needed around Early to Mid-October.  Read more about fall lawn care here.

2.  Clean out gutters and downspouts - The gorgeous leaves are about to change color and fall from the trees. You don’t want your drains to get clogged so that water starts overflowing or gets backed up and causes other issues in your home.  You can call a professional or learn more about it here.

3.  Consider adding mulch to planting areas to help your beautiful plants and flowers last longer. This not only gives your yard a quick make over but it also will benefit any new bulbs you plant for the spring so they pop up healthy and glowing.  You can read more about the benefits of fall mulching here.

4.  Disconnect your hoses, shut off outdoor water sources, and winterize your sprinkler/irrigation system – Trust us, a pipe burst expense in something you do not want to experience.  Before we get our first freeze, start by making sure the hose is disconnected from the outside faucet and allow the water to drain out of the faucet.  Close your shut-off valve, located inside.  And don’t forget to call your sprinkler guy to schedule a winterization of your system.  Read more about preventing frozen pipes here.

5.  Lastly,clean off and sharpen any shovels, clippers, or gardening tools that you use throughout the warm months and safely store so they do not rust or become ineffective/unusable.  Here are additional tips for keeping your tools in tiptop shape.

Hope that helps folks!  If you have any questions, feel free to call me.  Matt @ (973) 524-3095.