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Landscaping & Masonry

Serving Madison, Chatham, Florham Park, and Surrounding Areas

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The GreenTeam's Value Proposition:
A Mission of Creating Natural and Sustainable Landscapes

The Green Team's mission is to serve as a trusted partner to our customers by responsibly providing
landscape construction services that create natural and sustainable landscapes.

Our core activities are landscaping, masonry/hardscaping, and yard maintenance programs.  We have over 20 years of experience helping our clients meet New Jersey’s toughest weather challenges while embracing
its greatest opportunities. We are The Green Team, a landscape contractor – an organization with creative designs and careful installations to build your next beautiful landscape.

We are mindful spending other people's money in helping make smart investment choices – from weekly maintenance plans to building an outdoor kitchen.  We advise our customers on how to plan for future needs, such as new front steps or a patio with privacy hedge, and help them select colorful plants, shrubs, and trees to fulfill their dreams.  In short, we work within your budget - not ours; whether it’s a spring cleanup with a few additional plantings, a new driveway, a patio with a fireplace, or even a complete landscape redesign.

By serving customers large and small, we help them grow at their own pace, creating natural beauty everywhere and keeping extra money in your pocket for a real feeling of value.  Our capabilities create an obligation for us to act responsibly, do everything possible to create the best outcomes for you, and prudently help you manage to your budget.  If we should ever fall short, we will take decisive action to do the right thing, make you happy, and learn from our experience.

We strive to earn and maintain our communities trust by constantly adhering to the highest ethical
standards by maintaining a strong set of core values.


The GreenTeam's Core Values:

  1. Honesty | We engage others with straightforward honesty.
  2. Courage | We take necessary risks, make difficult decisions, and have the courage to have the hard discussions with everyone we do business with.  It’s easy to deliver good news but we tell you the not so good news too.  
  3. Graciousness | We maintain a gracious attitude, employing the highest level of professionalism in every communication.
  4. Excellence | We honor our commitments by performing our best work every day.
  5. Performance | We strive to deliver great results to the people who invest in us and we invest everything we can in our customers who share show their trust in us.
  6. Urgency | We move fast. We treat every investment opportunity with efficiency, while being vigilant and watchful of opportunities to always improve our service quality. 
  7. Respect | We demonstrate respect towards everyone with whom we do business.
  8. Fairness | We practice fairness in our business dealings and seek to help all our customers achieve maximum value from our services.  Additionally, we have a referral program in place to reward our customers for their efforts to help us grow our business.
  9. Reliability | We fulfill obligations to our customers, and strive to meet and exceed expectations in every effort we put forth.
  10. Balance | We keep life in perspective by honoring our family, personal and professional commitments.